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About Mozilla

Mozilla is a nonprofit organization and global community dedicated to the mission of promoting openness, innovation and opportunity online. We create products that capture these values and that people around the world love and choose to use, like Firefox.

Firefox OS

Mozilla is working with operator, hardware and developer partners around the world to offer more choice and control in the mobile industry with Firefox OS, which makes smartphones more accessible to people around the globe. Firefox OS smartphones are the first devices powered completely by Web technologies to deliver the performance, personalization and price you want with a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use experience that is unmatched by any other phone. To that end, Mozilla is working on improving the Web platforme by bringing new JavaScript technologies and Web APIs to standardisation.


Firefox is the browser who reignited competition in the browser space nine years ago. It's fast, flexible, secure and it's proudly non-profit. Firefox pioneered the Web Developer tools a few years back with amazing add-ons such as Firebug. It now features amazing built-in Developer Tools that will make your life simpler.

Developer documentation

Mozilla has been producing documentation for the Open Web for a long while now, in a collaborative way, Mozilla-style. The Mozilla Developer Network is know to have the best JavaScript documentation available, but you'll find what is also probably the best and most up-to-date information on the following topics:

Fell free to join us helping improving that unique cutting edge resource so that it suits your needs.

Mozilla's hiring!

Mozilla's always looking for the brightest people to hire. You could work from the comfort of your home or from one of our beautiful Mozilla Spaces (in Paris, London, Berlin, California, Canada, New-Zealand, Japan etc.). Head over to to learn more and apply to your dream job!