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At Deezer, we harness our passion for music and innovation to enable the enjoyment and discovery of music anytime, anywhere and on any device. We work in partnership with artists, publishers, labels, mobile operators, social networks and developers to put music in the heart of peoples' lives, bringing more than 30 million songs from around the world to people in 182 countries.

Music Innovation: Javascript everywhere

We're in constant search for innovation, opening up music discovery to you in order to create a cool and engaging musical universe.

You can build a Deezer App with our Javascript SDK, allowing you to have 1 code running both in the Deezer website and in our mobile apps. If that wasn’t cool enough, that same code would also run standalone outside Deezer.
If you want to see cool apps built with that SDK, you can have a look at Tunewiki, Stateeztics or Assking Music.

What’s in the Deezer API?
Anything that’s available on Deezer:

  • power your apps with music players
  • access artist metadata
  • retrieve Deezer users listening history to create customized experiences
  • create collaborative playlists
  • get the charts...

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