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About Code Orchestra

Code Orchestra is a software development company focused on the creation of applications for developers.

We are software developers who work for developers — help colleagues to work easily, efficiently with pleasure. Our priorities: innovation and, at the same time, convenience and simplicity. At this point, the collective effort focused on programming languages such as ActionScript and JavaScript, but the interests of Code Orchestra extend far beyond that.


COLT is small tool that improves software development and testing workflow. Using COLT with their IDE, developers no longer waste their time restarting their application over and over, and, consequently, debug it efficiently. You can edit files from any IDE or take the changes out of the version control system. You can simply share the folder with a designer, give the network address of your app, and the designer will immediately see the changes as he alters the files in the folder. You can track corrections to the code through event subscription and create new libraries, approaches and revolutionary tools for game and app development.