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About Clever Age

We are 100% digital, and it’s in our genes. Our experts in interactive communication, technical architecture and production infrastructure can build reliable answers over the whole production chain. Our clients have at their disposal about a hundred of Web professionals, serving their strategic projects, lead by experimented project directors evolving upon a well-tried methodology. Since the company was created in 2001, we exclusively take part in web and mobile projects. The company’s development was always performed following our founding values:

  • independence: we advise our clients without any pressure from any external entity.
  • Tech watch: we need to be at the state of the art, to build our convictions, to keep our clients off wrong turns, and seize opportunities to do good.
  • Durability: when we work with a client, we don’t try to make the most impressive use case! We help you set up the most suitable solutions which will keep being efficient through time.

After 11 years of profitable growth, our group gathers professionals from all kinds of web specialties. About a hundred Clever Boys&Girls, spread as 3 tightly coupled entities:

  1. Clever Garden: user centric agency
  2. Clever Age: advice and production of digital projects (institutional websites, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, intranet, entreprise social networks, ...)
  3. Clever Presence: monitoring and optimizing your web and mobile assets: 24/7 hosting, front-end performance, SEM/SEO, e-reputation, ...