Photos and Videos are online !

The largest JavaScript conference in Europe

December 2nd, 2013 ¬∑ Paris, France 

Brendan Eich

Inventor of JavaScript, CTO of Mozilla

Dave Methvin

Lead of the jQuery Core Team

Nicolas Garcia Belmonte

Creator of PhiloGL & InfoVis

Guillermo Rauch

Creator of & Mongoose

Pamela Fox

Creator of Khan Academy programming curriculum

Addy Osmani

Creator of Yeoman, TodoMVC, Aura & more

James Burke

Creator of RequireJS

Alex Sexton

Creator of yepnope.js, jQuery Board of Advisors

Remy Sharp

Master captain of content at

John K. Paul

Lead Technical Architect at Condé Nast

Nicolas Geoffray

Member of the Dart core team

What makes dotJS special

dotJS is a single-day, single-track event where the best JavaScript hackers in the world appear on a crazy beautiful stage.

Last year, creators of Twitter Bootstrap, CoffeeScript, Three.js, AngularJS and many others took the stage for a day that went down in history. Just look at the videos & photos to get an idea!

This year, we are going even bigger, better, stronger. Here is the diff:

  • We are switching to a new venue! It is absolutely beautiful, can hold up to 1000 developers in comfortable seats and has a large hall where we can all stay and chat until late in the evening.
  • Like last year, the lineup will feature only hackers and gurus but the talks will be slightly more technical.
  • Many other small and big improvements thanks to last year's feedbacks... Expect nothing but pure awesome!